The year is 2041, and biologists are celebrating a new breakthrough. They have genetically engineered a pig with two unusual features: the ability to talk and a genuine desire to be eaten.

The pig looks forward to going to the slaughterhouse and trots off there willingly, happy it is about to be turned into someone’s breakfast. It also says this clearly and sincerely to anyone who asks.

Phoebe is horrified at the idea. ‘But that’s just terrible!’ she stammers. ‘How could they make something so unnatural? That poor pig, messed around so it no longer realizes what is good for it. I think it’s horrible. You wouldn’t catch me eating bacon or sausages made from it!’

But Philip, her twin brother, disagrees. ‘Are you telling me it’s better to eat bacon from a pig which doesn’t want to be killed?’ he demands. ‘That means more suffering for the pig. How exactly is that better? You’re just being illogical!’


Who is right? Philip or Phoebe? Is it better that your breakfast wants to be killed to feed you? Or is that wrong because it is unnatural the pig doesn’t know what is good for it?

To request a suggestion sheet about this puzzle, click HERE. Include the heading The Willing Breakfast.

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